TP- Link TL- PA4030KIT : CPL 500 Mbps Compact with three networks

Although the first 600 Mbps Powerline adapters becoming available , the various equipment continue to expand their catalog with models 500 Mbps. This is particularly the case with TP-Link TL- PA4030KIT arrival .

This new Powerline therefore meets the IEEE1901 standard , that is to say, it offers a theoretical speed of 500 Mbps. This rate is however never achieved in practice , since the best kind of adapters running between 80 and 130 Mbps in .

Loaded with three jacks Fast Ethernet 100Mbps , TL- PA4030KIT not provide any way that a maximum throughput of about 80 Mbps and , in the best case . A point we will check on his upcoming test on The Digital .

It remains that the presence of an integrated switch is always handy to connect multiple devices to the And if the PLC adapters with such equipment tend to have a bit overweight , he would not be here as well as the manufacturer ensures that the unit is relatively compact.

The TL- PA4030KIT is currently available at an MSRP of 59.90 € . For this price , the box contains two adapters, two cables and the usual guide Quick Start utility and monitoring .