- Review is a router default IP address. belongs to the IP address of the Class C network address, is reservations IP address  devoted to the router settings. IP Address is a private IP address and such addresses can be used many times on the different networks.

Devoted to the router settings. Settings of the router will be different in general. is a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it.

Ip address 192.168.l.l represents a private 32-bit IPv4 address, class C and it is a default ip address for a large number of routers, such as Billion ADSL routers, Thompson ADSL routers, Linksys SRW2024, Westell modems and 3Com routers. is a private IP address since it fits into IP range which is reserved from IANA as a private range. private IP address is installed on most of the routers by the manufacturers. Although this address is set by the manufacturer at the factory, it can be changed at any time through administrator console.

Any device on a local network can be set to use it, but only one device on the network should use at a time to avoid address conflicts. can also be used by more than one user that in different networks, unlike public IP addresses that every computer on the Internet has to have a unique IP. is the default IP address can be easily changed through a router panel, normally used by Linksys, Netgear, Westell and some other broadband routers.

In a network every machine also has to have a unique IP address, and there can’t be two machines with the same IP address in one network.

TP- Link TL- PA4030KIT : CPL 500 Mbps Compact with three networks

Although the first 600 Mbps Powerline adapters becoming available , the various equipment continue to expand their catalog with models 500 Mbps. This is particularly the case with TP-Link TL- PA4030KIT arrival .

This new Powerline therefore meets the IEEE1901 standard , that is to say, it offers a theoretical speed of 500 Mbps. This rate is however never achieved in practice , since the best kind of adapters running between 80 and 130 Mbps in .

Loaded with three jacks Fast Ethernet 100Mbps , TL- PA4030KIT not provide any way that a maximum throughput of about 80 Mbps and , in the best case . A point we will check on his upcoming test on The Digital .

It remains that the presence of an integrated switch is always handy to connect multiple devices to the And if the PLC adapters with such equipment tend to have a bit overweight , he would not be here as well as the manufacturer ensures that the unit is relatively compact.

The TL- PA4030KIT is currently available at an MSRP of 59.90 € . For this price , the box contains two adapters, two cables and the usual guide Quick Start utility and monitoring .

France revises its branch network

France is preparing to overhaul its to take account of the development of the Grand Paris and technological developments , which will result in the closure of a fifty branches by 2015.

Called " Mesh &" , the draft regional fund represents an investment of more than € 80 million investment over three years , according to a statement Thursday, November 28 , and it should not lead to job cuts.

The will increase from 325 to 277 agencies , which will be " more spacious , more comfortable " and consisting of at least six people. The opening hours will be extended , with continuous day for example, he said. Meanwhile, about 300 positions host advisors ( desk) , more than 40% , will be promoted business advisors to " intensify the growing competence and qualification of employees ."

" They call it ' the new mesh agencies . They want to implement innovative agencies with the development of Internet and eventually , it will be' digital bank " , said Wednesday evening Alain Babin, delegate General Confederation of Labour ( CGT ) of the bank. For Mr. Babin, "these are purely financial objectives " in " total contradiction with the message near a mutual bank ." " The digital, of course, is to consider downsizing tomorrow," he added.

The group stressed that his side project " to anticipate and adapt to customer expectations and in our society." It explains consider " future prospects related to the development of the Grand Paris , technological developments and new behavior [s] customers." France has about 1.5 million customers in 42 local branches .

Let your computer to be a router with

IIS is not a common Windows 7 services, But it is essential for the professional technical personnel.But we all know that the stability of IIS is worse than Apache. IIS often can not start, failure or can not remote access.


1. Determine a good IIS port first, such as port 95.

2. Determine if the local connection is correct, such as the local IP address is, then access to check whether can access the IIS website.

3. If it accesses the Internet through a router, need map a port in the router.

4. Windows 7 security is relatively high, the default xp Firewall is running. We need to set up, Control panel – windows security center – windows firewall – Advanced – Network connection settings – settings – services – check the web server (http). However, the port is 80 and can not be changed, We need to add an additional port.

5. The default xp firewall is running, we need open this port on the firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – Exceptions – Add Port – Enter the name of the IIS service (custom) and port number 95, this is our IIS port. The we can access.

How to restrict other people from using my wireless router?

Set a password into the router. When you want to use your wireless network, You need to enter the password.

How to set wireless network?

I have two computers, a desktop PC and a laptop, desktop PC is directly connected to the router, I want laptop to use the network to access Internet, how to set it?

1. The modem is connected to the router, the router is connected to the desktop PC.

2. Boost the desktop PC, go to Control Panel, select ‘Network Connections’, right-click ‘Local Area Connection’, select ‘Properties’.

3. Select ‘TCP IPv4′ and select ‘Use the following IP address’: IP address – fill; Subnet mask – fill; Default gateway – fill

4. Enter in the Address Bar.

5. Now you access the router’s configuration interface, select: ‘Setup Wizard’. According to the prompts to operate, I will not say it …

6. Set parameters: select band 6 and mode 54Mbps.

7. Click Finish.

8. Boost laptop, brush out of the network, choose ‘enter’, it is finished. If you can not configure the laptop’s IP address, you can fix the IP address of the laptop on

After building connection between laptop and router, can not connect using

You want to access the router using

I used Mercury broadband router, enter in the address bar, then pops up the account and password input box.

Check that if the router IP address is not, using ipconfig/all command to look up.

If nothing works, PING the router to check out that if there is a cable problem.